About Kinesis

How does Kinesis compare to other options?

Kinesis started doing business in late 2001 as a general, do-everything-and-anything web site development company. After much initial success, an exciting opportunity arose to develop a cinema web site for the New Zealand circuit of Reading Cinemas. The team gained an enormous amount of experience from this project which helped to later expand the Reading Cinemas web site to cover both their wholly-owned and partly-owned Australian cinema network.

Over the course of future cinema website development, the team at Kinesis found that each new site required similar functions to the last. This gave birth to the idea of KICS - the Kinesis Interactive Cinema System. KICS is a fully-featured web site system built from the ground up to help cinemas manage and maintain their web site. For more information, please review our features.

Since it's inception, Kinesis has developed cinema web sites for over 48 cinema locations across the country, as well as web sites for distributors and other cinema related online businesses. Focusing on cinema web site development has enabled the KICS platform to expand and provide many additional services, including printable flyers, movie trailers, competition functions and much more.

Kinesis consists of a small and dedicated team of web site programmers, database developers and designers. Kinesis utilise skilled developers and designers located in many places across Australian and the globe.