Features: Member Management (CRM)

Members Subscribe Online

Our member management system frees you from most member maintenance. Customers can join your cinema membership programme or subscribe to your newsletter in just a couple of minutes. Member management is fully automatic; no interaction is required by the web site administrators. All users who subscribe will receive the weekly email newsletter and have access to special member competitions and offers that you may create from time to time.

KICS provides a robust cinema membership database system that can work in conjunction with your Point of Sale loyalty system, or as a replacement database service. Benefits of integrating your web site with your membership database include having one central location for all customer information, sending of your weekly newsletter email to your members (not just website subscribers) and presenting exclusive member-only discount offers or competitions.

Automatic Sending of Important Emails

In addition to email campaigns, your KICS web site introduces the concept of fully automatic "Just-In-Time" Email services.

These emails are designed in advanced, but only sent when triggered by a particular event. Examples of events include sending a congratulatory email on a member’s birthday; sending a welcome email when a customer joins your membership club, or sending a membership expiry reminder email shortly before a customer’s club membership expires.

Write each of these emails just once and they will be sent automatically each day!

Restrict Access to Members Only

With your KICS website keeping track of your website and club members, you can easily restrict any content on your website to those who are part of your membership club.

Grow your membership club with exclusive promotions, competitions, offers and special events!