Features: Automatic Session Import

Point of Sale Integration & Session Management

KICS can interface and extract session times from many popular ticketing systems, including Showcase, Venue, Vista, MGS and Hexlan.

Using our proprietory software your web site will regularly automatically import your sessions to your web site direct from your ticketing system. This method of automatic synchronisation ensures accurate session times are always available to your customers.

Import Once - Use Everywhere!

KICS stores all of your movie and session time information in a complex database, along with other data such as your membership, email history.

Whenever session times are imported to your website, they are available instantly to all other areas of your KICS web site solution.

Session times are instantly updated in your mobile applications, on your email newsletter, on your mobile website and even on the web services provided to third parties.

You never have to worry about session times being out of date - anywhere!