Features: Social Networking with Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter Integration

Social networks are a part of many people’s daily routine. The popularity of services such as Facebook and Twitter provide another marketing avenue that should not be overlooked.

To help manage the constant communication required to effectively utilise these social networks, your KICS web site will automatically update your Facebook and Twitter accounts based on what’s going on at your cinema. No time or expertise is required.

  • On the first day of each movie-week, your weekly session times are posted to your cinema's Facebook page.
  • New movie announcements are posted as status updates regularly, to both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Details of new Competitions or Discount Offers are shared to both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Announce the winners of a Competition to Facebook and Twitter - automatically!
  • Sharing Tools

    Sharing content with friends is an easy way to drive additional customers to your web site.

    Your KICS web site features higher quality movie information than Australia’s large cinema chains. Customers will appreciate playing trailers, making comments and reading user reviews on your web site, and as a result will share your web pages with their friends via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.