Features: Easy & Powerful Content Management System

No Additional Software Required!

The web-based KICS Content Management System (CMS) allows you to maintain every aspect of your web site quickly and easily.

The KICS CMS was custom built exclusively for the KICS platform. With this system you can easily administer your web site from any Internet enabled computer - all you need is your web browser!

The KICS CMS has the following important benefits:

  • There is no complicated programming code to understand.
  • Your web site is protected against accidental mistakes.
  • No expensive web page editing software is required.
  • Any member of staff can be taught how to maintain the web site.
  • Access from the office, home or from a portable internet device.
  • Your web site content is easily controlled, increasing quality and consistency, and representing your cinema as a quality venue.
  • Secure Content Management

    Access to the KICS Content Management System (CMS) is secured by username and password.

    With KICS you can restrict access to functions of the CMS to various staff at your cinema. Part time staff may have access to membership information, while cinema managers have full control over session times.

    As an administrator, cinema management has freedom to add or remove users at any time, for any level of access.

    Full Website Control

    Using the KICS Content Management System you are given the freedom to create or change content on your web site at your leisure.

    This flexible content editor helps you upload files, present information and save your data.

    If you can use Microsoft Word, you will find maintaining your web site content is very familiar.

    Undo and Restore

    Feel confident in your website editing with the KICS CMS.

    Most functions of the KICS CMS can be undone. Page versions are saved, allowing you to step back to a previous version at any time.

    Other content, such as Discount Offers, Promotions, Banners, Shop Products and more are stored in the CMS Recycle Bin when deleted. You can always restore these items back to their original form!