Features: Movie Library

Kinesis supplies all movie content for your web site

Your KICS web site completely removes the most time-consuming area of cinema web site maintenance - movie research. All sourcing, formatting and presenting of movie information, posters, images and trailers is handled by Kinesis, as are classification and release date updates.

Adding new movie content to your web site is as simple as selecting the appropriate movies from a list from within the KICS Content Management System. It really couldn’t be easier! Your web site will instantly show the selected movie with all of it’s images and related content.

High quality posters, photos and trailers are included

At Kinesis we pride ourselves on our timely creation of movie content for your cinema web site and marketing services. Here's an example of the kind of information you can expect to see on your KICS web site:

  • English Title
  • Official Poster
  • Numerous Photos
  • Trailers
  • Running Time
  • Classification
  • Consumer Advice
  • Official Website
  • External Trailer
  • Cast
  • Director
  • Distributor
  • Synopsis
  • Tagline
  • Multiple Genres
  • Country of Origin
  • Subtitles
  • Languages

Movie Promotional Materials Provided

To assist in your web marketing efforts, Kinesis creates banners for current and upcoming movies. These banners are made available to you for any movie you are showing at your cinema.

In addition to movie related banners, Kinesis creates large full-screen background images designed to leave an amazing impression on your customers.