Features: Design

High Resolution Images and Posters

To take full advantage of large screen sizes, all trailers and movie images are provided in a high resolution and because Kinesis provides all movie content you are guaranteed a quality presentation.

Our high quality art assets are used throughout all aspects of your KICS website, including your mobile website, weekly newsletter, iPhone and Android apps, and automatic Facebook posts.

Main Interactive Feature

Your KICS web site features a major promotional display area on the home page, known as Main Interactive.

This area displays various multimedia elements relevant to your cinema. The Main Interactive is designed to operate either autonomously or with pre-programmed content. You can choose to let your web site present information automatically based upon relevant movie content, competitions and other information, or create display sequences and schedules to present the content you choose.

It’s a great way to draw attention to your current promotions and movie releases.


With multiple templates available to suit your needs, the KICS responsive template allows you to do away with mobile apps, by providing a website that perfectly resizes for any mobile or tablet device.