How It Works

Intelligent Programming with Simple Administration

Intelligent Programming with Simple Administration

Step 1: Constantly gathering information

The Kinesis Interactive Cinema System is a combination of many different software applications and data services programmed from the ground up to tackle the requirements of a modern cinema.

KICS constantly gathers information related to your cinema, processes this information then presents it to your customers in many different forms.

How do we gather the data we need?

Our team gather media resources from local and international film distributors and continually update our movie library with the latest movie information, including posters, photos and trailers. This movie information, in conjunction with your session times and other information, is used to intelligently present the most relevant information to your customers.

KICS connects with your cinema point of sale system to gather session time data. In most cases, this process is automatic, although it depends on your point of sale software.

The KICS Content Management Systems (CMS) makes it easy for you to enter additional information that may be required from time to time. For example, you may wish to promote an upcoming special event or provide a discount offer for your members.

Step 2: Share, Share, Share!

After storing all of your information in our database, we process and share this information in many ways:

Your KICS web site contains all of the information of your cinema in a beautiful and modern design. Using this information your web site automatically sorts movies into Now Showing or Coming Soon lists, presents special events and updates your session time listings.

KICS can also share this information with Facebook and Twitter. Your weekly session times can be posted automatically to your Facebook Page, with regular posts sent out throughout the week. Don't worry - these posts are under your control at all times.

NativebiPhone and Android apps provided by Kinesis use this information to present a smooth and information-rich user experience.

Regular email newsletters are constructed and sent automatically with all the latest session times and movie information. All you need to do is write a subject and introduction and you're done!

Third parties can also access your session time information directly from our XML webservices.