Features: Internet Ticketing

Internet Ticketing

Kinesis makes the world’s best cinema web sites - it’s our speciality. To ensure that we can confidently make this claim, we also offer a reliable, secure, cost effective Internet Ticketing service.

KICS is capable of providing Internet Ticketing services for most cinemas.

The Kinesis Internet ticketing solution includes detailed reporting, member-only and public ticket prices, customisable terms and conditions for group bookings and membership programs, as well as bar-coded receipts for direct scanning at your Box Office or point of entry.

Graphical Seat Selection

As you’d expect with a cutting edge system, our seat selection module allows customers to choose and update their seat selection during the booking process.

KICS will then contact your cinema POS system to make sure seats are available, before committing and finalising the booking.

A fair and affordable Internet Ticketing solution

The Kinesis Internet ticketing model is designed to be highly profitable for all cinemas. Each ticket purchased online incurs a booking fee paid by the customer. The Kinesis Internet Ticketing solution employs a very generous profit-sharing financial model where the booking fee added to each ticket is shared between Kinesis and your cinema.

Kinesis gives you the freedom to nominate your own payment gateway from a selection of popular providers, including Eway, PayPal Payflow and SecurePay, with all payments secured behind your own SSL certificate.