Features: Integrated Online Shop

Integrated Online Shop

Gift Cards and Merchandise sales are a growing profit driver for today’s cinemas. Your KICS web site features an integrated Online Shop to assist in selling products.

The Online Shop feature works seamlessly within your web site, operating behind an insured SSL to ensure transaction security.

All Online Shop configuration is performed through the use of the KICS Content Management System. It’s simple to manage your product categories, products, pricing, orders and delivery using our custom-made tools.

Online Shop Features

The KICS online shop is a simple way to sell products online, with the following features:

  • Sell an unlimited number of products.
  • Use product categories to help organise shop listings.
  • Define multiple prices for a single product. For example, “$50 gift card” or “$20 gift card”.
  • Define shop-wide postage and handling costs, as well additionals cost for each product.
  • Customers are able to pay for their purchases by secure credit card.
  • Funds deposited daily into your nominated bank account.
  • Define specific prices for public users and for your cinema members.
  • Track all orders through your KICS Content Management System.
  • Delivery of gift vouchers by email (e-vouchers) without any manual interaction.
  • Digital E-Vouchers

    Perfect for last-minute gifts, the KICS E-voucher system enables customers to purchase PDF versions of your gift vouchers from your Online Shop.

    E-vouchers and uniquely coded and come with a PIN to ensure security. Within minutes of purchase a new PDF voucher is generated and sent to the customer by email. Your customer can then print this voucher directly from the PDF file, forward the PDF as a gift, or redeem it just like your traditionally printed vouchers.

    This fantastic feature of the KICS Online Shop is completely automated - no staff fulfillment is required!